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Mézeskalács or Honey Biscuits

Sweet honey delicacies for a sweet Hungarian Christmas or St. Valentine's Day


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Many Western nations cannot imagine Christmas without funny gingerbread cookies, especially in the shape of a man. It is similar for Hungary, but here mézeskalács have a very d​eep historical background. In the 17th century, several gingerbread guilds were formed in Europe, and the Hungarian cities Pest and Debrecen had their own. At that time gingerbread cookies represented Christian saints and angels. In the 21st century, mézeskalács are still popular, especially on Christmas, shaped like a man, stars, flowers, etc. On St. Valentine's Day it is very common to receive a gingerbread heart from a beloved one decorated with red icing with a small mirror in the center and signed “szív küldi szívnek,” which means “from heart to ​heart.”

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