Best season to travel to Goa

Christmas Treats

If you visit Goa during Christmas time, it is a must to try special local sweets and enjoy some new flavours


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Christmas in Goa is also high tourist season. If you are one of those who want to celebrate Christmas in a warm country, try to taste as many local sweets as you can. Goans know lots of delicious recipes. Bolinhas de Coco or Coconut Cookies are traditional desserts served on Christmas. These sweet and smooth tasting cookies combine traditional Indian cardamom and coconut.

Rose cookies are also traditional for the holiday season. These are a deep fried pastry in a shape of a rose. Neureos are a kind of dumpling with a sweet filling. Christmas in Goa is incomplete without neureos. They are prepared in every home with different fillings.

Traditional Christmas cake contains dried fruit, a mixture of spices, and booze. Goan Dodol is a famous sweet and soft pudding. It melts in your mouth and is known for being incredibly rich and flavorful. During Christmas, you can find it everywhere. Doce is a Goan sweet that requires very few ingredients but a lot of patience. It is prepared for Christmas, weddings, and special occasions. Nankhatai is another popular Goan Christmas treat. They are soft and crumbly baked cookies with no eggs and spiced with cardamom.