Best season to travel to Romania


Interestingly shaped festive bread with different fillings made from nuts and raisins to marmelade and Turkish delight


Cozonac in Romania 2020 - Best Time

This traditional sweet bread made of flour, eggs, milk, butter, sugar, and salt is filled with nuts and cocoa and is baked and consumed at most three times a year—for Easter, New Year, and particularly at Christmas. Carol singers often receive it as a present. Besides nuts and cocoa, other popular fillings include: raisins, dried fruits, sweet cheese, marmalade, and even Turkish delight is common. The shape can be also different—rectangular, oval, round, or interlaced—cozonac's​ delicious taste is not affected by the shape.

Cozonac in Romania - Best Season 2020
Best time for Cozonac in Romania 2020