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Christmas Specialties: Lutefisk and Fresh Cod

A watery, jelly-like lutefisk and fresh cod boiled in salted water are still beloved Norwegian Christmas fish delicacies


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Lutefisk is Norwegian Christmas delicacy made of dried and hardened cod preserved in water and lye according to a century-old method and finally cooked in the oven or boiled. Its watery and fishy taste as well as its jelly texture often turns off those who venture try it though it may just be an acquired taste. Lutefisk is eaten without chewing. Simply swallow this strange delicacy whole.

In fact, inuqie Christmas food is quite popular among Norwegians, who consume nearly 3000 tones of the delicacy every year during Christmas time. It is usually served with various sauces, meatballs, potatoes, peas, bacon, and mustard. Cod can also be eaten boiled on Christmas. Southern Norwegians especially love this dish, traditionally accompanied with root vegetables, boiled potatoes, and a red wine sauce.