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Sweet Chestnut Season

Large steaming braziers, from which a fragrant smoke spreads, is a typical sight for the Englishmen in the fall

Sweet Chestnut Season in England 2020 - Best Time


What is the difference between sweet chestnuts and horse chestnuts? The shell of the sweet chestnut is densely covered with small needles that almost resemble a hedgehog's. Each such box contains several small nuts with pointed tips. Sweet chestnuts taste like nuts. But after cooking, the taste is more like a potato.

Sweet Chestnut Season in England - Best Season 2020

The fruits of the sweet chestnut are delicious and are used to make biscuits, salads, soups, snacks, and even ground into a nutritious flour.

Best time for Sweet Chestnut Season in England 2020

Usually, chestnut trees start dropping the nuts in October until early winter. It's also a popular Christmas treat, so you can find them being sold in the streets during this time of the year.