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Sweet Chestnut Season

Large steaming braziers, from which a fragrant smoke spreads, is a typical sight for the Englishmen in the fall


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What is the difference between sweet chestnuts and horse chestnuts? The shell of the sweet chestnut is densely covered with small needles that almost resemble a hedgehog's. Each such box contains several small nuts with pointed tips. Sweet chestnuts taste like nuts. But after cooking, the taste is more like sweet potato and, in terms of nutrition, can be compared to starchy vegetables like plantains or sweet corn. On the other hand, horse chestnuts are inedible and even toxic.

The fruits of the sweet chestnut are versatile and full of advantages. They are gluten-free and contain no cholesterol. They are full of Vitamin C and boast a significant amount of dietary fiber. They can be eaten roasted, raw, or even grounded into a nutritious flour! Sweet chestnuts are wildly delicious and are used to make biscuits, salads, soups, and snacks.

Usually, chestnut trees start dropping the nuts in October until early winter. It's also a popular Christmas treat, so you can find them being sold in the streets during this wonderful time of the year. The luscious aroma of roasting chestnuts is a genuine winter joy.

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