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If you want to try the most delicious Cypriot souvla, be patient for three hours while the meat warms on the charcoal


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Greek souvlaki is pretty well-known outside Greece, but Cypriot souvla is a bit different dish. Cypriots prefer it when meat is cut into large pieces and slowly cooked for a long period of time at a great distance from the charcoal. This is how real souvla should be made. Traditionally the meat is cut from the neck or shoulder of lamb or pig. During the grilling process, which can last up to three hours, different ingredients are sprinkled on the meat. Depending on the region and preferences of the chef may include wine, aromatic herbs, or oil.

The best time to try some souvla is during Christmas and Easter holidays, when families and friends gather and cook it together.

The most widespread type of souvla is Lysiotiki, originating from the village of Lysi and prepared on a special charcoal called foukou.

Cypriots can eat souvla every day, but for special occasions like Christmas or Easter the preparation of souvla is almost a must in all families and the result is especially delicious.

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