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This might sound cruel and weird but whale is a common delicacy in Greenland


Although for most of us hunting whales is unacceptable, it is very important for Greenlanders. Since the island is quite isolated and its climate isn't suitable for growing fruit like oranges, locals have to substitute them with something else to prevent a lack of vitamin C. For this purpose the Inuits hunt whales.

It's not only a tradition but still a crucial thing for surviving the long winters and the lack of sunshine and nutrients. One whale can feed almost a whole community throughout winter. To understand the place of the whale meat in the Inuit diet, you can try it during your visit to Greenland.

One of the most common whale dishes is mattak or muktuk, the outer layer of fat of a whale served in cubes with a layer of skin across the top. Sometimes it can also be​ deep fried or pickled. It is oft​en served around Christmas.

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