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Hot Springs in Greenland

Greenland has plenty of hot springs but only one of them is used as an outdoor spa

Hot Springs
Hot Springs

When the air is cold, and the sea is full of icebergs, a heated natural outdoor spa is the perfect place to be. A hot spring is a body of water that has the same temperature year round and is warmer than the outside air. Due to the volcanic activity in Greenland, there are plenty of hot springs around the island but only those on Uunartoq, an uninhabited island between Qaqortoq and Nanortalik in southern Greenland, have suitable temperatures to bathe in. Both tourists and locals love to lie back and relax in these natural pools while enjoying the beautiful views of mountain pea​ks and icebergs. After bathing visitors often have picnics and drink champagne near the springs. When it gets slightly colder in September it's a nice time to enjoy the contrast between the cold air and the hot water.

The map below depicts the two starting points of the Uunartoq hot springs trips—Qaqortoq and Nanortalik, so you can choose where to start off.

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