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Northern Lights

One of nature's most beautiful natural phenomena

Northern Lights in Greenland 2020 - Best Time
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Although winter in Greenland is long and dark, there is quite literally a bright side to it. The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon that occurs ​in the Northern Hemisphere when the sun's electrically charged particles enter the Earth's atmosphere creating a dancing, colourful light show.

Northern Lights over Sisimiut 2020
Northern Lights over Sisimiut
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The Northern Lights usually appear in green, purple, and yellow colours, but shades of red, blue, and pink have been reported too. The colour of the display depends on the gas particles that caused it. For example, shades of green are caused by oxygen molecules.

Northern Lights over lake near Sisimiut 2020
Northern Lights over lake near Sisimiut
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