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Northern Lights

Denmark enjoys nature's colourful show a few times per year

Northern Lights in Denmark 2020 - Best Time
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The cold, clear winter nights in Scandinavia are perfect for the aurora borealis viewing. Northern lights of Denmark are considered some of the most colourful in the region with the whole rainbow on display. Unfortunately, they can only be seen a few times per year and are often rather weak and elusive. Theoretically, northern lights of Denmark are visible year round, however, your best chances are between months of October and March.

Northern Lights at Grønhøj, Denmark 2020
Northern Lights at Grønhøj, Denmark
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The best place to see the northern lights are Denmark's Faroe Islands archipelago located between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic. When the weather is cloudless and the skies are clear you can see some of the most impressive aurora borealis there. You can hop on a flight to Vágar Airport, the only airport on the Faroe Islands, and then travel to other villages on the island to find a dark place for spotting the lights.

Aurora Borealis over the Faroe Islands 2020
Aurora Borealis over the Faroe Islands
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On the continental territories of Denmark, the highest chances of spotting the lights are areas within the North Jutland Region. This rare occasion happens only on the days with powerful solar explosions. You can base in Aalborg and travel to some more remote areas at night to find places with less light pollution.

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