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Søndervig Sand Sculpture Festival 2023

Jutland's sand turned into huge and impressive sculptures

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At the Søndervig Sand Sculpture Festival, you'll have the opportunity to watch how around 12,000 tonnes of sand turn into sea creatures, mythical heroes or wild African animals. 38 of the world’s most talented sand sculptors have an assignment to portray fairy tale or real characters in single sand sculptures and on a giant sculpture wall. The theme changes every year, and depending on it the artists create their works. There's also a big sandbox where you can practice your own artistic abilities.

The sculptors begin building their massive sand creatures in May and spectators can follow their construction and even chat with artists. The exhibition is open during the whole summer and ends in October. The great sculpture wall of the Søndervig Sand Sculpture Festival which is 200 m long and 7 m high can easily grasp your attention for hours. Taking kids is a good idea since there are activities for the whole family. So wake up your inner child and try your hand at making sand sculptures or castles.

In 2016, more than 148,000 visitors, came to the festival and it's no wonder why. Annually some of the best Danish and international sand sculptors surprises the visitors with their creativity.

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