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Best time to travel to Minnesota

Northern Lights

Minnesota’s location makes it one of the best states to view aurora borealis


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When you see northern lights face to face—flashing, weaving, and pulsing across the starry sky—it feels like pure magic. The night is lighted up with a river of greens, purples, and reds and it seems like the whole universe is waving hello. Minnesota is a state that offers polar lights chasers a supply of several ideal spots to witness the beauty as it is.

Best time to witness northern lights

Long, starry nights of fall and winter make months from September to February well-known for northern lights journeys. But even though there is a set period of discovering the impressive light display, you must be a lucky person to witness one of them. In fact, the weather affects light activity significantly, especially space weather: solar flares of the sun and the solar wind stream.

Cook County

There's no reason to travel to the Arctic Circle to see Aurora Borealis. Thanks to its northern location and dark skies, Cook County is blessed enough to host this miracle. Admire the Milky Way shining and northern lights along the Gunflint Trail and over Lake Superior.

Lake of the Woods and the Northwest Angle

Lake of the Woods and the Northwest Angle are the locations, where you will find a panoramic view of the forests and waters by day and, sometimes, the northern lights by night. The Northwest Angle is deemed the northernmost point in the continental states which is separated from the rest of Minnesota by Lake of the Woods.

Voyageurs National Park

Voyageurs National Park provides extensive views of clear night skies from its waterways. Here, visitors can see splendid Northern Lights displays and even meteor showers.

Best places to see northern lights outside of Northern Minnesota

There are also remote and urban locations in Minnesota that provide a perfect stargazing environment. Mid- and southern parts of Minnesota, such as Lake City, Park Rapids, Mankato, St. Cloud, Rochester, and Stillwater are known for hosting an occasional northern light show. They also boast constellations on any clear night.

Silverwood Park, in a few miles from downtown Minneapolis, hosts after-dark displays for visitors to investigate. There is a world to learn about the captivating things occurring there after the sun sets.