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Best time to travel to Saskatchewan

Northern Lights

The beautiful aurora borealis phenomenon can be frequently viewed north of Saskatoon

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Saskatchewan residents are lucky to regularly observe the elusive northern lights dancing in the skies. The phenomenon is caused by geomagnetic activity and can be seen the best from October through March. Check with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website for their aurora borealis forecast to know the right time to go on an aurora chase. You can connect with fellow aurora chasers via social networks or book a tour with one of Saskatchewan operators to go to a wilderness resort, on a dog-sledding adventure, or a snowmobiling trip under glowing skies. If you are based in Saskatoon, there is a good chance you can see aurora borealis right from the rooftop in downtown or from one of the city's 200 parks. Some of the most popular locations in the city include Lakewood Park, Sutherland Beach Recreational Area, or Meewasin Valley Trail, south of the downtown. If you have time to get out of the city, you can travel North of Saskatoon to get the most out of your aurora borealis hunt. One of the popular locations is Prince Albert National Park. The large park occupies 3,874 sq km (1,496 sq mi) in the central part of the province in about 120 mi(200 km) north of Saskatoon. Visit Waskesiu Lake, Christopher Lake, or Emma Lake to make beautiful Northern Lights reflection photos.

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