Best time to visit Yellowstone National Park

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Best time of year to visit Yellowstone National Park

Spring and autumn are known for the mild weather and fewer crowds, that's why April to May and September to November is the best time to visit Yellowstone National Park. In spring, the weather is unstable, and you need to pack layers. Most roads open by the third week in April, and it's about time to visit unique Isa Lake. Autumn in Yellowstone offers you beautiful orange-yellow foliage, a swim in boiling river, and amusing moose mating season, but most facilities close by early November. Peak season between July and August brings lots of summer activities and perfect weather to visit Grand Prismatic Spring and Morning Glory Pool. However, summertime can be unbelievably busy, so you'd better book your room in advance. Winter in Yellowstone is a harsh and snowy period when some facilities and roads are closed. Anyway, you still have an opportunity to observe migrating bison and wolves, enjoy winter sports, and witness steam rising from the thick blanket of ice and snow and droplets freezing in the air.


Grand Prismatic Spring

June–August • nature

As the name implies, this is the largest and possibly the most spectacular hot spring in the USA

Morning Glory Pool

March–November • nature

Stunning beauty of this natural pool is vanishing due to pollution

Three Waterfalls of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and Uncle Tom's Trail

April–October • nature

The park has almost 300 waterfalls to marvel at, but these three are the highest and most powerful

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

April–October • nature

Smaller than Arizona's Grand Canyon, though no less impressive stretching for more than 30 km

Baby Animal Season

April–June • nature

Watch the first moves of new residents to the park

Mammoth Hot Springs

May–October • nature

These amazing colorful hot springs are changing and growing all the time. Come and observe beautiful terraces created by these springs

Horseback Riding

April–October • activity

The most authentic way to explore the wilderness of Yellowstone Park

Old Faithful Geyser

May–October • nature

Don't miss Old Faithful on your trip to Yellowstone!

Yellowstone Lake

May–October • activity

Large and beautiful, settled in the heart of the park, Yellowstone Lake is a great spot for marveling at the beauty of nature

Tower-Roosevelt Area

May–October • nature

One of the most famous areas in the park features lots of natural and historic sights to explore

Bighorn Sheep

May–June | November • nature

Check out the bighorns on the slopes of the mountains

Touring the Grand Loop

May–October • nature

Enjoy a scenic drive and explore some of the main highlights of the park during a one-day trip along the loop

Mud Volcano

May–October • nature

Unique geothermal features attract visitors to this famous spot

Grizzly Bears

March–early November • nature

The greatest attraction or the greatest risk? Maybe both!

Sleeping Giant Zipline

June 15–September 15 • activity

This scenic ride is a fascinating summer activity


mid-March–October • activity

Bicycling is great way to explore the park during the warm months and enjoy all the famous spots and the scenic road itself!

Fountain Paint Pots

April–October (best: April–May) • nature

These colorful boiling pots are one of the park's main attractions


mid-May–October • nature

This park is a good place to see water birds, migrating species, and birds of prey

Yellowstone Sand Verbena

mid-June–mid-October • nature

If you are looking for some of the rarest plants in the world, there is one in this park. Come and find out about this mysterious flower


June–September • nature

These little diggers roam around the park but hide quickly and are rather hard to spot

Black Bears

late March–early November • nature

Smaller and less agressive than grizzlies, black bears can be observed during the daylight

Canoeing and Kayaking

May–October • activity

Come and enjoy your favourite summer activity among Yellowstone's beautiful natural scenery


May–September • activity

The scenic rivers in the park offer great fun during a whitewater rafting adventure


May–October • activity

Climbing in Yellowstone is diverse and full of excitement. This is a climbing hotspot with hundreds of peaks to conquer!


September–October | May–June • nature

The Elk rut is one reason that draws so many visitors to the park every year during September, and early summer bring elk calves


late May–early November • activity

Spend a day angling in the clear waters of this natural reserve full of great fish


Migrating Bisons

December–February  • nature

Herds of bison that inhabited the Great Plains of the United States and Canada range from the Great Slave Lake in the north to as far as Mexico

Annual Elk Migration

late October–early December | April-May • nature

The annual elk migration takes them to warmer and safer places

Swim in Boiling River

mid-July–February • activity

Take a relaxing dip into the warm waters of the Boiling River


December–March • activity

An exciting way to explore Yellowstone in winter


November–April • nature

Wildlife watching in Yellowstone is really exciting though sometimes a little scary!

Bison Mating Season

late July–August • nature

Wild bison roaming around the park are a popular tourist attraction. Their rutting fights are some of the most impressive as well!


September–October • nature

Follow the song of a bull moose during the mating season. But watch out and don't come too close!

Yellowstone Ski Festival

November 19–24, 2018 • event

Start the skiing season together with thousands of skiing enthusiasts, numerous famous skiers, and lots of events and activities in West Yellowstone

Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

December–March • activity

Enjoy long and peaceful crisp walks and gorgeous trails with perfect winter views


November–May  • nature

Meet these predators native to the Yellowstone region

Isa Lake

March–May • nature

Located at a high elevation, Isa Lake flows to west and east and makes its path to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. And this happens only at a certain time of the year