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Meet these predators native to the Yellowstone region


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Coyotes can be found in the urban and wilderness areas throughout North and Central America. They are intelligent and adaptable animals, and this helps them survive.

Coyotes in Yellowstone National Park - Best Season 2020

Coyotes are common predators in the Greater Yellowstone region. They are smaller than wolves, with a sharp mouth and ears. They weight around 15 kg and are 50 cm high at the shoulder. They can be seen travelling through open meadows, grasslands, roadways, and valleys.

Best time for Coyotes in Yellowstone National Park 2020

The best time for watching is the same as wolves, during winter when it is easier to spot them. The pups are born in April and appear from dens in May.

Coyote pups 2020
Coyote pups