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Deer Watching in Richmond Park in London

This park is not fenced off, deer roam where they want

Deer Watching in Richmond Park
Deer Watching in Richmond Park
Deer Watching in Richmond Park
Deer Watching in Richmond Park

Richmond Park, a forest nature reserve, is the largest among the royal parks of London and the second largest in the UK. This huge area with picturesque lakes, green fields, a river, ponds, and centuries-old oaks, was a popular hunting ground for Henry VIII and Charles I.

Kings hunted in this park for deer, the largest wild animals of Britain. Today, about 600 deer live in a park: about 400 spotted and over 200 red deer. Now hunting is prohibited in the park, so deer are not afraid of people at all and they can often be seen walking in small groups

During autumn the deer engage in rutting: red stags and fallow bucks compete for females. Sometimes they are very aggressive: the large males roar, bark, and clash antlers in a spectacular way attempting to fight off rivals and attract many females.

In turn, in May–July, little fawns (baby deer) are born. However, don't go close to the young calves, the mothers may become aggressive guarding their offspring.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Richmond Park if I want to witness the deer rutting season?

To view the deer rutting season in Richmond Park, the ideal time is between September and October. During this time, visitors can witness the red stags and fallow bucks roaring, barking, and competing with each other for mating rights. However, visitors should maintain a safe distance from the deer to prevent them from getting stressed or injured. Show more

Where can I watch the deer in Richmond Park without disturbing them?

Deer in Richmond Park roam freely since the park has no fences. Visitors can view them from designated locations like open fields and paths around the woodland. Nevertheless, visitors should keep safe distances from the deer since they are wild animals and can become dangerous if they feel threatened or stressed. Show more

What is the population of deer in Richmond Park and are there different types of deer living there?

Over 600 deer call Richmond Park their home, including the red and spotted deer. The park houses London's highest population of red deer. Both deer species can be seen grazing in the park's meadows or near water. Visitors should avoid feeding or touching them since they are wild animals that can be unpredictable. Show more

When is the birthing season for deer in Richmond Park and can visitors see fawns?

Between May and July, visitors can witness the deer birthing season in Richmond Park. During this season, visitors can spot the fawns as they learn about their environment and are weaned from their mothers. Visitors must take care to maintain a safe distance from the young calfs since their mothers may become defensive and attack if they get close to the young ones. Show more

Are there any safety precautions visitors should take when viewing the deer in Richmond Park?

To ensure their safety when watching deer in Richmond Park, visitors must keep a distance of at least 50 meters from the animals and never touch or feed them. Avoid blocking the deer's path or disturbing them, and respect the designated zones for viewing the deer. It is essential to avoid entering any fenced-off areas in the park. Show more

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