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Changing of the Guard 2021

A guard in an iconic scarlet tunic and bearskin hat must be always on alert to protect the Queen, so the changing of the guard is a vital tradition


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The Changing of the Guard is a pompous and solemn procession where the so-called old guards hand in the armour to the new guards who replace the former on the post to protect Buckingham Palace for the next day. The guards change every day in summer and every two days in winter. Besides, in winter you will not see the iconic scarlet tunics as the guards wear grey greatcoats over the tunics, but the huge bearskin hats are always present.

Tourists gather in the morning around Buckingham Palace, Wellington Barracks, and St. James's Palace to observe a part of the ceremony which moves across these three locations. The action begins at 11:30 am and finishes by midday, yet it is advisable to come at least an hour in advance to get a good viewing spot.

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