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Solemn Changing of the Guard at the Royal Palace 2020

The most cunning spectators come to occupy the best places inside and on the steps of the Almudena Cathedral long before the changing of the guard


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The Royal Palace (Palacio Real de Madrid) is the largest of all existing royal palaces in Europe and one of the main attractions of Madrid. The changing of the guard at the Armory Square near the Royal Palace in Madrid is an unforgettable event. Every first Wednesday of the month at noon (except for January, August, and September), a solemn changing of the guard takes place.

The military band begins to play. The sounds of a high-pitched flute and drumroll accompany the procession. Lining up in a row with the weapon "on the shoulders" the changing guards await the release of the previous calculation. Spearmen and halberdiers, rifle accounts, men and women, artillery calculations and ammunition carts pass by spectators. The play lasts almost an hour. In total, 400 people and 100 horses participate in the spectacle.

They reproduce a long ritual of the times of the King Alfonso XII and King Alfonso XIII. Even the costumes are the same. This event can be complemented by changing of the guard at the gate of the Prince every Wednesday and Saturday throughout the year at 11 am.

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