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White Night Festival (La Noche en Blanco) 2024

What can you visit in Madrid in October for free? Of course, the festival "La Noche en Blanco!"

Dates: May 18, 2024

White Night Festival (La Noche en Blanco)
White Night Festival (La Noche en Blanco)
White Night Festival (La Noche en Blanco)

The festival "La Noche en Blanco" is one of the most exciting events in Madrid. Almost all the museums, exhibition halls, and theatres are open to the public for free during the festival. La Noche en Blanco aims to celebrate and promote cultural diversity and creativity by offering free access to various cultural venues and events throughout the city. It often includes activities such as art exhibitions, live music performances, dance shows, theater productions, film screenings, and interactive workshops.

White Night Festival (La Noche en Blanco) 2024 Program

The 2024 performances will be held in Alcalá's main squares, and significant exhibits will be presented in museums. Alcala de Henares is located 25 miles (40 km) from Madrid.

Plaza de Cervantes (Plaza de Cervantes)

Chapel of the Oidor invites to Alcala 1955, photographs by Cas Oorthuys, a selection of photos of Alcalá from the early fifties taken by the Dutch photographer Oorthuys. The Symphony Band Concert will take place at the Plaza de Cervantes at 11:30 am. Every resident and guest attending Writing of Don Quixote will have the opportunity to personally transcribe the most famous literary masterpiece in Spanish history by hand. Over 6,500 individuals from 92 diverse nations have already participated in an edition of Don Quixote.

In addition to these events, guests can take part in the Moon Leisure Route, Unveils The Enigma Of Time tour, the Wolf by Xiqui Rodrigues exhibition, concert in Plaza Cervantes by the Pedro Pablo Cuban Show, the Strocks of Alcal, route through the historic center of the city of Alcalá, and much more at Plaza de Cervantes.

Square of The Holy Children (Plaza de los Santos Nino)

Square of The Holy Children will host such events as magic trades, discounts, and promotions from businesses in Alcalá, a guided tour of the center of Alcalá de Henares, and a parade of the House of Soria through the historical center.

Interview House

At this location, guests will have the opportunity to visit Abandonment, an exhibition by Javier Rego, Civitas Dei, a guided tour of the Alcalá heritage, and The Rose of the Wind, a program with a wide sample of songs from Canada to Syria.

Botanical Garden of The University of Alcalá

Botanical Garden invites you to attend A Sunset with Machado, a walk through the garden accompanied by poetic declamations and botanical explanations, a soap workshop, Bats: The Lords of The Night, an explanation of bat life, and The Sun Like You Have Never Seen It: The Solar Orbiter Mission conference.

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