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Bullfighting (Corrida de Toros) 2021

Madrid hosts one of the most prominent and prestigious bullfight ferias in the world


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It is impossible to imagine Madrid without the tradition of Corrida de Toros. Bullfighting is a dangerous sport and a graceful art, comparable to ballet in some regards! This centuries-old tradition is the embodiment of the Spanish character, passionate and expressive. These performances attract thousands of spectators and make their hearts race.

Bullfighting (Corrida de Toros) in Madrid - Best Season 2020

The bullfighting season in Madrid begins already in late March and ends in mid-October. The most significant battles take place in May. It's not only about the duel, it's also about parades and ritual processions.

Best time for Bullfighting (Corrida de Toros) in Madrid 2020

The largest and most famous arena for the bulls of the Spanish capital is the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, which was opened in 1929. It hosts the most exciting performances with the participation of stars, so the invitation to the torero to perform in this arena is the pinnacle of a career.

Best time to see Bullfighting (Corrida de Toros) in Madrid 2020

Specific dates for submissions must be specified in advance on the stadium's official website. While many admire such a performance, others condemn it for cruelty. Animal rights groups have been protesting against corrida for many years, calling to end it.

Best time for Bullfighting (Corrida de Toros) 2020

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