Best time to go to Madrid

August Fiestas (Fiestas de Agosto) 2020

Do not miss the August holidays in Madrid and get an opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of general fun

August Fiestas (Fiestas de Agosto) in Madrid 2019 - Best Time
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During August, local people decorate the streets of the city, hold parades, and worship their saints and virgins: San Caetano, San Lorenzo, and La Paloma. These holidays are celebrated in the first two weeks of August, but residents begin to prepare for them since October of the previous year. These open-air parties are locally known as "verbenas". They are celebrated in such areas of the city as Rastro/Embajadores area (San Cayetano festival, 2-8 August), Lavapiés (San Lorenzo, 9-11 August), and La Latina (La Paloma, 12-15 August).

Fiestas de la virgen de la Paloma, Madrid 2019
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Fiestas de la virgen de la Paloma, Madrid

The beginning of this holiday is difficult to miss. The streets are decorated with flags, garlands, and lights. In the afternoon, marches pass through the city, and the celebrations continue with concerts and music in the evening. You will see how the locals, again and again, perform their traditional dance.

Traditional Spanish food is sold everywhere, for example, sangria, chocolate, sardines, and churros. It is known that there is the liveliest atmosphere in Madrid in August in these districts. This is a fantastic time to travel to Madrid.