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How Weird Street Faire 2023

The world’s weirdest show proves that San Francisco is an idyllic spot where you can be your odd self

Dates: October 14, 2023

How Weird Street Faire
How Weird Street Faire

How Weird Street Faire is a great celebration of strangeness reflected in contemporary art, technology, and outrageous individuals. All these folks create one of the craziest events in San Francisco. The event features stands of exotic goods and services offered by both local and foreign tradesmen, the showcases of weird modern technology, ten music stages, extraordinary dances, circus acts, numerous performances and workshops. The attendants are encouraged to wear extraordinary costumes fitting the current theme which is different every year and mostly has something to do with space.

Some of the former themes were “The UFO Arrives”, the theme of the first How Weird festival which took place in 2000, or the following years’ themes such as “The Expanding Universe”, “The Cosmic Dance”, “How Weird the Outer Space” and others. Many choose quite a scandalous outfit, as public nudity is allowed for such an occasion as an exception. The most outstanding personalities are likely to be declared the world’s weirdest man and woman.

San Francisco’s How Weird Street Faire is held annually in the period between late April and early May.​

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