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Kadayawan Festival 2023

A celebration of life and gratefulness—that's what this festival is about

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The Kadayawan Festival is a thanksgiving to nature for the harvest and life in general, held in the city of Davao in the Philippines. It is organized every third week of August annually.

In ancient times, the people of Davao came to Mount Apo to show gratitude to their deity. They offered fruits, farm products, vegetables, and rice as a gift. The ritual was meant to honour the "Manama" (the Supreme Being) and Bulan (a moon deity). The first gatherings happened on a night of a full moon, as ancient Visayans and Davao's tribes believed the diwata came to earth at that time. The full moon was addressed with names such as dayaw or kadayaw, hence the name of the festival. Ancient people worshipped the moon because they believed it helped them to collect a bountiful harvest. Nowadays fruits, vegetables, rice and corn are displayed on the ground as people give their thanks to their divine protector. People sing, dance, and organize competitions.

The main highlight of the Kadayawan Festival is the parade with magnificent floral floats, street-dancing competitions and exhibits that showcase the island's original culture and history. If you visit Davao at this time, you will get a perfect chance to appreciate the wealth of Philippine culture, food, and traditions. Local people are open-hearted—they will be glad to share their joy with others.

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