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Harvest of Edible Swiftlet Nests

February–April | July–September • food

Have you tried a soup made with birds? With eggs? What about soup from the whole bird nest?

Diving near Borneo Island

April–October • activity

Dare to challenge a famous sea Drop Off

Watching Orangutans

May–October • nature

Thumbs up for orangutans and their opposable thumbs

Pitcher Plant or Nepenthes

March–October • nature

These plants eat insects and even small mammals

Longboat Ride and Longhouse Overnight

May–August • activity

Spend a few nights with an indigenous community to learn the cultural roots of many cultures of Southeast Asia

Swim with Stingless Jellyfish in Kakaban Lake

March–October • nature

Change the way you perceive these soft and slippery jellyfish by joining their underwater dance

Hiking in the Wild Forests of Kalimantan

July–September | November–December • nature

Far away from civilization, these wondering trails can take you into the middle of serenity in the Indonesian part of the Borneo Island

Mountain Torq Via Ferrata

March–July  • activity

The world's highest via ferrata near the summit of Mount Kinabalu, Borneo's highest peak

Bats of the Sarawak

March–September • nature

If you are not scared of vampires, visit this four-million bat colony

Pygmy Elephants

June–September • nature

The world's smallest subspecies of elephants live in Malaysian Borneo

Banjarmasin Floating Markets

all year round • activity

Start your morning with the freshest local fruits and vegetables for your healthy breakfast

Proboscis Monkeys

all year round • nature

They may seem very cute because of their golden fur and tiny brown eyes, but their huge nose make them look rather weird

Canopy Walks

May–September • activity

There are two perspectives from which you can look at trees—from the ground and from above. It is up to you to choose which you like more

Gong Making in Sabah & Matunggong Gong Festival

all year round (gongs) | October 28, 2017 (festival) • event

Some tribes are distinct with dances, some with hunting, and the Rungus community has mastered its skills in making gongs

Malay Martial Arts Silat

July | September • event

Are they fighting or just dancing? It might be both, especially if they practice silat

Black Orchids

March–August • nature

Black orchids are a rare and fascinating flower not to be missed!

Kuching Cat City

April–September • activity

If you are a cat lover, visit this town occupied with cats while it enjoys a short break from rains

Asam Embang (Mawang) or Jungle Mango

January–February | July–August • food

This huge type of mango can be tasted and enjoyed only in Borneo


Canopy Walks in Borneo

April–June • activity

See where birds fly and gibbons jump in Borneo

Borneo International Kite Festival

September 28–October 02, 2018 • event

Dragons, tigers, lizards, cats, and more! It gets very crowded up there, high in the sky


March–June | September–November • activity

Choose Malaysia if you want to see as many different kinds of birds as possible and meet colleagues from all over the world

Sunrise on Mount Kinabalu

February–April • nature

You can start your lazy morning in bed with a cup of coffee, or enjoy your hot drink from a thermos on top of a mountain!

Vanilla Flowering Season

April–May • nature

Everyone knows the sweet aroma of this flower and its beans!

Cap Go Meh (Tatung)

February 19, 2019 • event

People dance, jump, sing, pierce their skin, and experience trance. You can join them or you can just stand aside and watch

Hot Springs Off Season

October–April • activity

Hot springs in Borneo do not provide fancy accommodations, but their simplicity and untouched natural elements are inviting