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Black Orchids

Black orchids are a rare and fascinating flower not to be missed!

Black Orchids in Borneo 2019 - Best Time
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This flower appears both very delicate and self-sufficient at the same time. It can be found only in a few corners of the world, and Borneo is one of them.

Black orchids or Coelogyne Pandurata blossoms roughly between March and August. The blossom time is short, but the flowers are really impressive in full bloom. There can be up to 15 flowers on a terminal, and you can't confuse this flower with another due to its specific colouration. Light green petals are attached to a black and green column, reminiscent of a mysterious exotic butterfly.

Black Orchids in Borneo - Best Season 2019

Black orchids can be found in several parks across the Kalimantan, but the biggest density is in the Kersik Luway Nature Reserve.