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Wildflower Bloom in the High Tatras

A corner of paradise for hikers and photographers


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Slovakia is proud of its beautiful flora and fauna. The best place to discover this beauty is the Tatras region, which is a home to almost 1,400 species of plants. Bluebells, edelweiss, primroses, and many others flowers await you. There are lots of wonderful valleys and meadows where you can see the bloom. Visit Small and Great Cold Valleys, Mylnická Valley, Furkotská Valley, Mengusovská Valley, and some others.

The Tatras area impresses with its gorgeous views, waterfalls, lakes and lush green fields. Apart from this, you will be able to see many butterflies and hear melodious birds singing.

The first wildflowers appear in the High Tatras in early spring but the greatest variety of mountain flowers are in bloom between June and September.

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