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Bratislava Christmas Market (Vianočné Trhy) 2018

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Bratislava Christmas Market (Vianočné Trhy) in Slovakia 2019 - Best Time
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Wintertime is one of the best seasons of the year in Slovakia, because of Christmas celebrations. The opening of Christmas markets means the holidays have started. The most significant Christmas market is in Bratislava. The Main square is where you can find lots of tasty Slovakian food, hot wine (Varene vino) or honey liquor (Medovina), some homemade gifts, and much more. Also, you can take part in activities near the main Christmas tree with different music performances on weekends. The square isn't so big so it can become packed quickly.

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The next spot is Hviezdoslavovo square. The place is famous for its big winter ice skating rink, delicious food, and beverages. Bratislava Castle also provides a huge Christmas market. The scenery from the Castle will definitely amaze you. It's a great chance to spend your time cheerfully, meet locals, and try folk Slovakian dishes like Ciganska pecenka, Chlieb s mastou, Lokse, etc. It's also a great time to learn more about Slovakian traditions, enjoy different folk performances, music, dances, and exhibitions.

Besides the capital city, another popular Christmas market in Slovakia is located in Košice. Bratislava Christmas Market season is short—only from late November to late December. But Košice is even shorter—it opens in early December.

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