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Manchester Christmas Markets 2024-2025

Manchester City Center is especially joyful during the winter season

Dates: mid-November–early January

Manchester Christmas Markets
Manchester Christmas Markets
Manchester Christmas Markets
Albert Square Christmas Market

Manchester Christmas Markets are among the oldest and the best in Great Britain. Launched in 1998, they are among the top seasonal attractions in the country, drawing thousands of visitors every December. Beautifully decorated and adorned with shimmering lights, old-fashioned stalls and chalets offer delicious holiday treats, international foods, various crafts, and Christmas decorations. Thanks to a large variety of goods, from toys to jewelry and apparel, Christmas markets are an excellent destination for holiday shopping with friends and family.

Albert Square Christmas Market (closed in 2023)

Albert Square hosts one of the largest and most impressive Christmas markets in Manchester. Its main highlight is the iconic Old Windmill House bar. One of the main winter attractions in the city, Albert Square Christmas Market, offers food and crafts stalls. Food includes German seasonal favorites like sausages and strudels as well as other international snacks, such as sandwiches and waffles. The market is open Monday to Sunday, from 10 am to 9 pm.

Piccadilly Gardens Christmas Market (November 11–December 22, 2023)

Piccadilly Gardens is a popular meeting hub on the edge of the Northern Quarter, stretching from Market Street to London Road. In the summer, it's famous for its fountains, however, in the winter, the fountains are closed for the sake of market stalls. Even though Piccadilly Gardens is a relatively new winter market spot, it has become the top holiday destination in the city. The main highlights of the market are the huge LED-lit Santa as well as a globe bar where you can get some warm drinks. The market usually operates from 10:30 am until 7 pm.

St. Ann’s Square Christmas Market (November 11–December 22, 2023)

St. Ann’s Square Christmas Market, located in Manchester's shopping district, is famous for its excellent food. Gourmet dinners and lunches are offered by local eateries, as well as various produce from Manchester-based businesses. Food includes German Christmas market favorites like bratwurst and burgers. In addition, St. Ann's Square features two of the biggest winter market pop-up bars with affordable mulled wine.

Ice Rink and Village in Cathedral Gardens (November 11, 2023–January 2, 2024)

The Ice Village is Manchester's favorite Christmas attraction. Thanks to its magical Ice Cavern, ice skating rink, and Christmas market, Ice Village provides fun activities for the whole family. The little ones can meet Santa in his grotto, while the adults enjoy exotic cocktails in Ice Tiki Bar. Wooden windmill house and hand-carved sculptures at Ice Cavern create the atmosphere of a real winter wonderland.

Exchange Square Christmas Market (November 11–December 22, 2023)

The busy place in Manchester City Center, Exchange Square is a great location for a quick lunch and Christmas shopping. Sausages, pigs in blankets, toads-in-the-holes, pizzas, and pancakes attract quite large crowds to Exchange Square. Visitors can also shop for gifts and jewelry in the beautiful wooden stalls in front of Corn Exchange. The market operates from 10 am to 7:30 pm in November and from 10 am to 8 pm in December.

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