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Christmas Season 2019

The brightest and tastiest holiday of the year in Poland


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Christmas traditions in Krakow

Being in Krakow on Christmas Eve means that you’ll obviously take part in joyful celebrations. Before the common meal, people share the traditional blessed Christmas wafers, or “oplatki.” Also, all the people bless each other and wish a happy new year while breaking off a piece of waffle and eating it.

Krakow Christmas Market on Rynek Główny (November 29–December 26, 2019)

The best way to get into holiday spirit in Krakow is to visit its Christmas Market located on the Main Market Square (Rynek Główny) of the Old Town. Cozy wooden stalls surrounded by medieval architecture sell handmade gifts, Christmas treats and mulled wine. Entertainment includes children singing carols and folk ensembles. Blacksmiths, carvers, and other artisans present their crafts. The Krakow Christmas Market usually opens in late November and operates until December 26 or early January.

Christmas Market  2020
Christmas Market
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Family celebrations (December 24)

If you are lucky enough to be invited to someone’s special Christmas dinner, you’ll enjoy a big amount of small traditions. Usually, there are 12 dishes on the table, the main of which is a baked carp. Krakow turns into a magic place on Christmas, don’t miss it!

Christmas dinner 2020
Christmas dinner

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