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Best time to travel to Krakow

Sunset and Sunrise at Mounds

Meeting the sunsets and sunrises at one of the four mounds of Krakow is a favorite activity for the youth of the city

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Historically there are four mounds around Krakow. Each of them has its own story. The most popular one is the Kosciuszko Mound (or Kopiec).

It is well-kept, as there is a museum inside, which is popular among tourists. The Wanda Mound is a little far from city center, as it is located in Nowa Huta. However, you may enjoy the unusual city views, different from those of the Old Town.

So visiting the Pilsudski Mound or the Krakus Mound you can catch the marvelous sunsets and breathtaking sunrises, and enjoy the immense panoramic views of the entire city. Young people usually bring their drinks, food for picnics and wraps, as it might be a little windy in spring.

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