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Sunset at Azure Window in Malta

The Azure Window was a beautiful sight, especially at sunset. Now it's another rocky spot of Maltese coast and an excellent diving location

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Sunset at Azure Window
Sunset at Azure Window

Natural monuments seem eternal. In March 2017 the Azure Window collapsed, disappeared in the rough sea waters.

The Azure Window was the real "pearl" of the Maltese islands. It was featured in movies such as ‘The Odyssey’ or the tv series of ‘Game of Thrones.’ Outside, this structure was rock with a big hole, part of which based in the sea. Through this giant 'window," one could admire the blue expanse beyond the cliff. This legendary site is still sort of a pilgrimage spot for divers and cliff jumpers.

It was located on the west coast of Gozo, along with the Inland Sea and Fungus Rock. Moreover, this monumental arch was one of the most photographed spots of the islands, particularly spectacular during the sunset.

Even though in spring 2017 Gozo lost one of its major attractions, local entrepreneurs didn't give up. Dive centers are now promoting the underwater arch ruins as a new dive site. Scuba divers can swim by the massive chunks of the rock that fell from the Azure Window fragile structure. Besides the geological formation, there are plenty of fish to spot. Some areas here as shallow as four or five metres deep, which is an excellent depth for beginners.

Practical info

Where was the Azure Window located?

The Azure Window was situated on the west coast of one of the Maltese islands called Gozo. This popular tourist destination was located alongside several landmarks, including the Fungus Rock and an inland sea. It had a reputation for being an incredibly picturesque spot, especially during sunset time. Show more

When did the Azure Window collapse?

In March 2017, after facing persistent battering by both wind and waves for centuries, the Azure Window collapsed. Finally giving in to nature's forces, the iconic archway crumbled and fell into the sea. Despite this, the site still sees many tourists, mainly for diving purposes. Show more

What movies were filmed at the Azure Window?

A considerable number of well-known movies used the Azure Window as a filming location. This fantastic natural architecture was seen in popular television series like ‘Game of Thrones’ and the film ‘The Odyssey.' In one scene from the first season of ‘Game of Thrones,' the arch was used as the backdrop to the Dothraki wedding. As a dramatic natural site, the Azure Window was a favourite with film crews worldwide. Show more

What activities can be done at the Azure Window dive site?

At the former Azure Window site, divers can explore an underwater arch, which provides a unique opportunity to divers to encounter various fish species. The location is gaining popularity among tourists as a scuba diving site, where they can explore the underwater arch ruins, spot different fish, and enjoy the shallow waters, which are as deep as five metres. This depth is ideal for beginner divers. Show more

How deep is the water at the Azure Window dive site?

The waters at the Azure Window dive site are relatively shallow, with some areas being only four or five metres deep. This depth makes it a perfect place for beginner divers who can explore the ruins of the underwater arch without having to worry about the depth. The azure colour of the water beautifully complements the landscape picture, making it a pleasant site to experience both visually and during diving. Show more

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