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Furka Pass in Switzerland

A scenic winding road, loved by cyclists and motorcyclists, was featured in a James Bond movie

Best time: June–mid-October

Furka Pass is one of the highest in Switzerland, spread and situated between the cantons of Valais and Uri. With a maximum elevation of 7,976 feet (2.431 m) above sea level, it offers the most iconic Swiss Alps driving experience. The pass connects Gletsch in Valais with Realp in Uri, being one of Switzerland's highest paved roads.

When is Furka Pass open

Furka Pass is usually open from June to mid-October. However, the exact date of opening is hard to predict since it depends on snowmelt in alpine areas. Check the weather conditions at Furka Pass before planning your trip. You can also see the status and latest conditions for this area on the webcam.

Furka Car Train

In the winter, Furka Pass road is closed, and your car can be transported by train in the Furka Base Tunnel, which links Realp and Oberwald. Furka Car Train operates all year round, and the trip takes just 15 minutes. The train departures are frequent: every 30 minutes from Friday to Monday and every hour from Tuesday through Thursday. However, in the summer driving through the pass is definitely a much more satisfying experience.

Furka Pass views

The road trespassing Furka Pass was built in 1867. It goes along the steam railway over the pass, and the picturesque train traveling through the mountainside could be a great picture to remember. Furka Pass was featured in a famous car chase scene in "Goldfinger" James Bond movie of 1964.

One of the highlights of Furka Pass is the panorama of the Rhone Glacier with a picturesque ice grotto. Visitors can park and go inside the glacier through the 328-foot (100-m) tunnel. Unfortunately, the glacier is shrinking every year due to global warming. Another landmark in the area is Hotel Belvédère, one of the most iconic Alpine Swiss hotels located on the edge of the Rhone Glacier. This unique property was constructed in 1882 at an elevation of 7,969 feet (2,429 m).

Where to stay

Unfortunately, you can't stay at Hotel Belvédère with balconies overlooking the glacier, since it got closed in 2015. However, you can find a wide range of accommodations nearby in Valais. Obergoms is the closest town that has a few hotels. But if you are willing to drive further you can reach the historic town of Brig with its beautiful old quarter and the Stockalper Palace.

Practical info

What is Furka Pass?

Furka Pass is a distinguished Swiss Alpine pass lying amidst the cantons of Valais and Uri, featuring an elevation of a maximum of 2,431 meters above sea level. A charming and picturesque route, this site is a favorite of motorcyclists and cyclists, further renowned as a James Bond movie location. Show more

When is Furka Pass open?

Usually open from June to mid-October, the Furka Pass opening dates remain contingent on snowmelt in Alpine regions. Before scheduling your trip, verify the weather conditions and open status of the Furka Pass on the webcam for current updates. Summers are usually preferred for the scenic drive through this Swiss mountain pass. Show more

What is the Furka Car Train?

Furka Pass is non-operational in winters, but enables the Furka Car Train that transports your vehicle through the Furka Base Tunnel, connecting Realp and Oberwald. Board the train driving your car for a comfortable ride. The Furka Car Train runs throughout the year, with frequent ferries. Departures for 30 minutes begin on Friday to Monday and an hourly schedule on the remaining days of the week. Show more

What views can you expect at Furka Pass?

A picturesque view of the Rhone Glacier, with an alluring ice grotto, is the highlight at Furka Pass. Inside the 328 feet (100 m) tunnel, visitors interact with the glacier from a close range. The local steam railway and the Swiss Alps' Hotel Belvédère on the Rhone Glacier edge are other attractions. The hotel remains closed since recent times. Show more

Where can I stay near Furka Pass?

Obergoms is the closest town with limited lodge options. However, staying in the historic and charming town of Brig, which is a short drive away, may be an option, offering several hotels. The Stockalper Palace and the gorgeous old quarter add to its charm. While the most iconic Alpine Swiss Hotel Belvédère is now closed since 2015, other options are available for tourists. Show more

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