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Furka Pass

A scenic winding road loved by cyclists and motorcyclists


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Furka Pass is one of the highest in Switzerland, spread and situated between the cantons of Valais and Uri. With a maximum elevation of 2.431 m (7,976 ft) above the sea level, it offers the most iconic Swiss Alps driving experience. The pass connects Gletsch in Valais with Realp in Uri, being one of Switzerland's highest paved roads. The pass road is usually open from June to mid-October.

The road trespassing Furka Pass was built in 1867. It goes along the steam railway over the pass, and the picturesque train travelling through mountainside could be a great picture to remember. Furka Pass was featured in a famous car chase scene in "Goldfinger" James Bond movie of 1964. In the winter Furka Pass road is closed, and your car can be transported by train in the Furka Base Tunnel, which links Realp and Oberwald. Furka car train operates year round, but in the summer driving is a much more satisfying experience.

One of the highlights of Furka Pass is the panorama of the Rhone Glacier with a picturesque ice grotto. Visitors can park and go inside the glacier through the 100-m tunnel. Unfortunately, the glacier is shrinking every year due to global warming.

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