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Touring the Movie Studios without Crowds in Los Angeles

Visit Hollywood and find yourself behind the scenes during real filming and see how TV shows are made or just see Universal Studios

Best time: November–March (except holidays)

Touring the Movie Studios without Crowds
Touring the Movie Studios without Crowds

Paramount Studio is the only working studio left in Hollywood. Visiting it can be real fun—getting behind the scenes, or even becoming a part of the audience while filming a reality or game show is quite an experience. You will have a chance to see how the TV shows are planned and filmed.

The Universal Studios tour will look more like a visit to theme park. It also features a studio tour, but it's concentrated on entertaining the visitors. The tour is a mix of shows and thrilling rides. Various parts of the park are themed with famous studio movies, like Jurassic Park for example.

The Hollywood Bowl is another attraction around Hollywood Hills. It is an open-air amphitheater, set in a natural bowl, which showcases a wide range of performances during the summer season. Millions of visitors tour movie studios and famous Hollywood areas each year, making it the most popular destination in Southern California.

Practical info

What is a good time of year to visit Hollywood for touring movie studios?

The ideal period to visit Hollywood is during November to March, excluding holiday weeks, as the weather is pleasant, and the crowds are fewer. Several visitors are more likely to tour the movie studios during this time, and there's a higher chance of experiencing the filming process that happens year-round. Show more

Which working studio in Hollywood can I visit?

The Paramount Studio is the solitary working studio left in Hollywood that has a history of over a century in film and TV production. Guests can book tours led by a guide who specializes in the studio's background and future projects. They can witness behind-the-scenes of filming, including learning about the captivating history of Hollywood's film industry. Show more

Where can I be a part of the audience during filming a reality or game show?

To attend game or reality TV show tapings, Paramount Studio Tour is the best place. The studio has numerous popular TV shows to its credit such as Dr. Phil, The Late Late Show with James Corden, and America's Got Talent. Visitors can buy tickets in advance to be a part of the audience and see your favorite TV show live. Show more

What is the difference between Universal Studios and Paramount Studio tours?

While Universal Studios offers tours with themed rides and entertainment, Paramount Studio centers on the behind-the-scenes experience of movie-making history. The working movie studio offers a tram ride to visitors around active film sets while educating about the filmmaking process. Universal Studios enthralls visitors through the various themed rides and attractions available. Show more

What are the peak performance months and type of shows at Hollywood Bowl?

Hollywood Bowl is an open-air amphitheater famed for hosting summer events like music performances, concerts, and light shows. The best time to visit the Hollywood Bowl is from July to September, when the Peak performances are in full swing. Visitors can get general admission tickets for the magnificent outdoor concert experience or exclusive VIP passes for a retreat in private box seats. Show more

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