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The Jacobite Steam Train in Scotland

Did you know that the route of the Hogwarts Express passes through the Scottish Highlands?

Best time: April 3–October 27, 2023

The Jacobite Steam Train
The Jacobite Steam Train
The Jacobite Steam Train
The Jacobite Steam Train

The Jacobite steam train that unites the mountainous Fort William and the fishing port Mallaig is actually the Hogwarts Express that took Harry, Ron, and Hermione to the famous school of magic.

The gorgeous Glenfinnan Viaduct screened in the first chapters of the movie showcases the incredible scenery best viewed from the left side of the train.

The season runs from mid-April to late October. Train schedule differs from Morning Service and Afternoon Service, so check local websites for more detailed information.

Practical info

When is it appropriate to go on the Jacobite Steam Train ride in Scotland?

The Jacobite Steam Train is in operation between mid-April and late October of every year. The suitable times for travel are during this period, when temperatures are comfortable, and landscapes are stunning. It is recommended that tickets are booked well in advance to secure a chance to enjoy this highly sought-after attraction. Show more

What is the route covered by the Jacobite Steam Train in Scotland?

The Jacobite Steam Train travels from Fort William to Mallaig via the West Highland Line, covering approximately 41 miles of distance. The train traverses the world-famous Glenfinnan Viaduct, a stunning railroad bridge. The scenery of the surrounding countryside is awe-inspiring, allowing for an immersive experience in Scotland's natural heritage. Show more

What is the standout feature of the Jacobite Steam Train and why is it unique?

The Glenfinnan Viaduct is undoubtedly the highlight of the Jacobite Steam Train journey. This railroad bridge is 1,000 feet long and 100 feet high above the Glenfinnan Monument. The breathtaking views offered by the viaduct, made famous by the Harry Potter movies, is the perfect way to take in the beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Show more

What distinguishes the train schedules for the Morning and Afternoon Services?

The departure times of the train are the key difference between the Morning and Afternoon Services. The Morning Service typically sets off around 10 AM, while the Afternoon Service departs at approximately 2 PM. Visitors should note that the train schedule might change, which is why it is always important to confirm the actual departure times when purchasing tickets well in advance. Show more

During the Jacobite Steam Train ride, are there notable landmarks other than the Glenfinnan Viaduct, and any featured in movies?

The Jacobite Steam Train journey is a feast for the eyes, showcasing some of the most stunning landscapes in Scotland. Some of the notable landmarks that can be seen include Loch Eil, Ben Nevis, and the River Morar. Although some of these landmarks have made appearances in various movies, the Glenfinnan Viaduct is the standout landmark. The train ride is a must-do for anyone keen on immersing themselves in the beauty of Scotland's natural heritage. Show more

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