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Hogwarts in the Snow

Still waiting for your invitation letter to Hogwarts? Luckily, today muggles can freely roam the school for wizards!


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Millions of people who have fallen in love with the magic world of Harry Potter now have a wonderful chance to experience a small part of the fantasy with a visit to the we​ll-known school of wizards—Hogwarts. Some premises of the castle were recreated at Warner Bros studios and is available for visits throughout the year. But if you take a tour there during the holiday season, you'll see something special. The studios recreate festive scenes from the movie—a sparkling Great Hall decorated with Christmas trees and with Christmas dinner served. Some of the decorations were actually used in the Philosophers Stone. Even if you are not a big fan of the story, you might find it interesting to visit the castle and find out the secrets behind filming the movie.

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