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Hobbiton in New Zealand

A fan of ​The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit? Picturesque Hobbiton movie set will transfer you to the Middle-Earth


The laundry and other washings hanged out to dry beside the dwellings as well as a plenty of other adorable small details on the docks and fences produce an impression that any minute a Hobbit may come out of the round-shaped doors. New Zealand's landscapes repeatedly appear in the legendary film trilogies of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Hobbiton two-hour long guided tours offer numerous fans to visit the real Middle-Earth, observe fascinating Hobbit holes and surrounding gardens, double-arched bridge, the Mill and other structures built specially for the movie, and learn more about hobbits' mode of life viewing the settlement and listening to the guide's narration. Finally, the visitors are invited to relax in the famous Green Dragon, the Hobbits' inn, order some beef and ale pie and eat like a true Hobbit.

Practical info

When should visitors plan their trip to Hobbiton, New Zealand?

The ideal time to plan a visit to Hobbiton in New Zealand is during the pleasant and comfortable months between September and February. During this time, visitors can take the night tour to enjoy the stunning Hobbit holes and structures lit up, elevating the magical experience. In addition to beautiful weather and enchanting scenery, the gardens will also be in full bloom, and the Green Dragon, a cozy alehouse, will be open for visitors to enjoy. Show more

Where can the Hobbiton movie set be found in New Zealand?

The Hobbiton movie set can be found in Waikato, New Zealand, within the small town of Matamata. The location is easily accessible by car and is a two-hour drive from Auckland, the biggest city in New Zealand. The North Island is home to Hobbiton Village, known for stunning natural landscapes and captivating beauty that captures the essence of New Zealand. Show more

How long is the guided tour of Hobbiton, and what can visitors expect?

Visitors can expect a comprehensive and enjoyable two-hour guided tour of Hobbiton, led by expert guides who will showcase the movie set's gardens, structures, and Hobbit holes featured in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. Tourists need to wear comfortable footwear as the journey involves hilly terrain and stairs. The tour guides offer valuable insights into the history behind the site, the lifestyle of the Hobbits, and movie production processes. Show more

What structures will visitors have the chance to see on the Hobbiton movie set tour?

During the Hobbiton movie set tour in New Zealand, visitors will witness various fascinating structures, including the Green Dragon, double-arched bridge, and many Hobbit holes. You can see in person the gardens and plants used to create the Middle-earth environment as seen in the film, including artichoke and flax. Visitors can also explore iconic aspects in the movies such as Bilbo and Frodo's hobbit holes, the Party Tree, and the Mill. Show more

What food and drink options are available at the Green Dragon Inn?

The Green Dragon Inn is a highlight of the Hobbiton movie set tour, offering exclusive drinks like Southfarthing and Ginger Beer, tasty culinary options like beef and ale pie, among others, which make visitors feel like Hobbits enjoying food and drinks in the cozy Shire atmosphere. Additionally, visitors can take in the beautiful vistas of New Zealand while relaxing under the trees outside the inn. Show more

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