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The Milky Way

Millions distant stars of the famous Milky Way paint starry rainbows over New Zealand's sky during winter nights

The Milky Way in New Zealand 2020 - Best Time
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Although clear summer and autumn skies are acknowledged as the most favourable for stargazing in New Zealand, the famous Milky Way is an exception. It is composed of millions of ​stars, which are so far from the Earth that cannot be seen separately, but only as a faint starry arc-shaped light path which stretches from the north-east to south-east horizons.

The Milky Way in New Zealand - Best Season 2020

Thus, the spectacle is the most impressive in winter when the starry blanket of the Milky Way is right above the head, away from the densely populated New Zealand's territories.

Best time for The Milky Way in New Zealand 2020