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Best time of year to visit Fiji

Whenever you want is the best time to visit Fiji, as the weather tends to stay permanently warm throughout a year. You'll find two distinctive seasons all along 300 islands of the republic. Dry winter period from May through October brings pleasant temperatures and sunny days, ideal for swimming with manta rays and surfing. However, it comes with pricey accommodation and crowds of tourists at the beaches, especially from July to September. Winter is a true festival time so why not swing by Bula or Fire Walking festival. Typhoon season runs from November through April and is famous for its unmerciful humidity and heat with short storms. During summer, you can not only save a little fortune on flights and hotels but also taste Fijian traditional Lovo and Kokoda.


Fire Walking Festivals

April–September • event

Hindu feel no pain walking barefoot across hot embers or coals because they know that it is the only way to cleanse one's self of physical and spiritual impurities

Humpback Whales

June–October • nature

Watch the amorous games and the birth of babies of Humpbacks during their stay in Fiji

Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool

all year round • activity

Experience a great Fijian spa, covered in the healing powers of mud from head to toe and relaxing in a hot spring!

Swimming with Manta Rays

May–October • nature

This is one of those rare places in the world where you can swim with these majestic creatures!

Taveuni Island

January–October (all year round) • nature

Some travellers prefer outdoor pursuits and visiting the magic tropic spot of Fiji—Taveuni

Soursop Season

June–September • food

Soursop is a tropical fruit, a source of vitamins, and a ruthless cancer fighter!

Mount Tomanivi Climbing

June–August • activity

This ascent to the top of an extinct volcano will be an unforgettable adventure

Sandboarding in Sigatoka

May–October • activity

There are no real trodden paths on the dunes and it’s hard to hike up but worth the effort

Scuba Diving

April–October • activity

Jean Michel Cousteau called Fiji the “soft coral capital of the world” for a reason

Bilibili Rafting

May–October • activity

There is one more option for thrills in Fiji—try out bilibili rafting!

Naihehe Cannibal Cave

all year round • activity

An amazing experience to find out how ancient tribes hid in a cave from their enemies, and eventually cooked them for a dinner

Waitavala Natural Rock Waterslide

May–October (all year round) • activity

This natural waterslide in the tropics is a great fun

Upper Navua River Rafting

all year round • activity

Rafting adventures along the unique rivers of the tropics can be an unforgettable memory

Nausori Highlands

May–October • activity

The breathtaking panoramas of the Nausori Highlands greet you!

Passionfruit Season

June–July • food

Passionfruit with its pleasant aftertaste and crunching seeds is sure to delight!


all year round • activity

Fiji has two surf seasons—one for advanced surfers, and another for the less experienced

Kava (Yaqona) Ceremony

all year round • food

The ceremony is as important as the drink itself, just mind not to overdo it—this pepper roots tea has strong anaesthetic properties

Tuna Fishing Season

January–April | July–September • activity

Big schools of tuna inhabit the reefs making game-fishing more exciting



December 25 • food

Try this traditional Christmas dish in Fiji

Bula Festival

July 14–21, 2018 • event

"Hello" everybody, Bula Festival in Nadi means a week of fun

Guava Season

January–April • food

Try exotic guava, a green fruit similar to an apple

Pearl Seeding and Harvesting

April–May | October–November • nature

Thousands of stunning pearls grow happily in their oyster shells

Fish Poison Tree (Vutu)

November–January • nature

As the name indicates, the plant with the blossoms bears fruit, poisonous to fish

Breadfruit Season

November–December • food

Wrapped in leaves and baked in hot ashes, the fruit turns into something like an aromatic loaf of bread

Fara (Rotuman Festivity)

December–mid-January • event

This is a very interesting tradition in Fiji similar to the Catholic and Orthodox carolling season

Collared Lory Breeding Season

December–March • nature

Known as the national bird of Fiji, collared lories are very playful species of parrots

Barracuda Season

December–March • activity

If you are an avid angler, go fishing for barracuda; if you are a fish gourmet, try the most popular dish of this fish on the island

Fijian Banded Iguana Breeding

March–April | November • nature

Active during the day, looking for food and basking, Fiji banded iguanas hide in the treetops at night

Kokoda (Fijian Ceviche)

October–March • food

Enjoy traditional Fijian raw fish salad "Kokoda" when fresh fish is available

Rising of the Balolo

October–November • activity

A great occasion to wake up in the middle of the night and catch a marine delicacy