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Passionfruit Season

Passionfruit with its pleasant aftertaste and crunching seeds is sure to delight!


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In the rainforests of Fiji, Passionfruit grows on vines. It is similar to a large plum of yellow or dark purple colour. Its length varies from 6 to 12 cm. Passionfruit, which is not quite ripe, has a smooth skin, and the ripe fruit which is in season in June and July has a wrinkled surface.

The fully ripe Passionfruit is juicy and sweet, consisting generally of juice. The taste of the yellow-orange flesh is reminiscent of a mixture of flavours and aromas of strawberry, plum, apricot, peach, and gooseberry. To experience this bouquet, you need to buy a ripe heavy fruit with wrinkled skin.

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