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Mount Tomanivi Climbing in Fiji

This ascent to the top of an extinct volcano will be an unforgettable adventure

Mount Tomanivi Climbing

The highest point of Fiji (1,324 m) is the Mount Tomanivi (formerly Mount Victoria). It is an extinct volcano located in the northern highlands of Viti Levu. Many climbers have reached the top of this mountain, enjoying the beautiful scenery—native trees, ferns, and plants, chirping birds, tropical forests, and mountain streams. The distance is 4.5 km and has been classified as a difficult hike.

The first stage of climbing is easy, but as you reach the peak, the incline becomes very steep. The result may surprise you: a beautiful view of the crater and the expanse of the islands before you! Don't forget to wear comfortable walking shoes and clothes, and bring a camera and a good mood! It is important to find the perfect time for trekking to the mountain. In the wet season, the weather will be difficult with rain and mud. But the dry season, especially June through August, is an ideal time.

Practical info

What are some recommended items to bring when climbing Mount Tomanivi?

Before beginning a journey to reach the peak of Mount Tomanivi, climbers must prepare themselves carefully. Among the essentials required are comfortable walking shoes, light clothing, and water, while a camera will help capture the stunning views. Additional items to help with protection include a hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent. It's also necessary to bring mosquito nets and tents if you plan on camping while on the mountain. Show more

What type of flora and fauna can be found on the way to the peak?

Mount Tomanivi boasts a rich and diverse ecosystem, from ferns and orchids to pitcher plants in the tropical forests along the summit route. Chirping birds like the golden dove and shining parrotfinch can be heard en route. During the climb, hikers may also spot medicinal plants and animals like the Fijian monkey-faced bat and flowering tree frog. It's a unique opportunity for nature lovers and those interested in biodiversity. Show more

When is the best time to visit Mount Tomanivi for optimal weather conditions?

June to August represents the dry season, providing optimal weather conditions to hike Mount Tomanivi. These months offer visitors a chance to bypass the wet and muddy conditions that the wet season is known for. This being said, hikers should be ready for cool weather at the summit. Conversely, it's recommended to avoid the mountain during the wet season, particularly between December and April, as rain and clouds can obscure the view. Show more

Where is Mount Tomanivi located in Fiji and how long does it take to climb?

Majestic Mount Tomanivi (previously known as Mount Victoria) is positioned in the northern Viti Levu highlands, Fiji's main island. The starting point for trekkers is Navai village, approximately three hours from Nadi or Suva. Those planning to hike this 4.5km trail should prepare themselves for a four-hour climb. Depending on fitness and pace levels, it is prudent to hire the services of a guide to ensure safety. Show more

What is the difficulty level of climbing Mount Tomanivi?

Ascending Mount Tomanivi is a challenging and demanding trek, requiring hikers to be fit and experienced in grappling with difficult hikes. The initial stage of the hike is relatively easy, but the incline becomes increasingly steep as trekkers advance. A significant level of fitness and stamina is, therefore, essential. To increase safety outcomes, it is advisable to hire an experienced guide who knows the trail well. Inexperienced hikers are strongly advised against attempting the climb without a guide to avoid getting into perilous situations. Show more

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