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Naihehe Cannibal Cave in Fiji 2023-2024

An amazing experience to find out how ancient tribes hid in a cave from their enemies, and eventually cooked them for a dinner

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Naihehe Cannibal Cave

According to the Fijian legend, Naihehe Cave was home to the "Sautabu" people during Fiji's tribal warfare days. Not in vain this cave's name is translated as "a place to get lost"—the tribe hid there defending themselves from their enemies. The first missionary known as "Na Kalevu" converted to Christianity and was determined to convert the others. However, the people of Sautabu were reluctant to accept the new religion. The measles epidemic that soon came to Fiji was taken by locals as the punishment given by their ancestral gods for the Christian faith. Na Kalevu was disappointed to hear such news and started fighting against the disobedient people. The tribe hid in their "fortress" and successfully repelled the enemy—by roasting them in the oven...

Today, the Naihehe Cave can tell a lot about the history of Fijian tribes. Besides, the cannibal oven, where people roasted their victims, you'll see a ritual platform for sacrifice, weapon storage rooms, chief's quarters, warrior foot imprints, and much more.

Known as the largest Fiji's cave, Naihehhe is located in the jungles of Sigatoka. It is 170 m long, rather dark and wet. From the 150 meter-high ceiling there hang dagger-shaped stalactites. Needless to explain why all the visitors must carry torches. You should also know, all visitors have to seek permission from the bete (priest) of the village. The legend says, without this permission, you won't be able to ever get out the cave...

Practical info

What is the location of the Naihehe Cave?

Naihehe Cave is situated in the jungles of Sigatoka, a town located on Viti Levu, an island in Fiji. It is surrounded by the forest and can be explored by taking assistance from a guide. Visitors are recommended to obtain approval from the village's bete (priest) before entering the cave, respecting the locals' belief system. Show more

During which season is the best time to explore the Cave?

May to October is the ideal spell to visit Naihehe Cave as it is less humid and dry. Tourists have the added advantage of fewer mosquitoes and moderate temperatures during this period. Adequate clothing, including comfortable shoes, is recommended, and a daytime visit is preferable to properly appreciate the views. The terrain of the cave is uneven and requires wading across streams and climbing, so it's important to have proper footwear and equipment. Show more

What are the different highlighting feature of Naihehe Cave?

In addition to the renowned cannibal oven, Naihehe Cave proudly showcases a few unique features that attract visitors. There is a sacrificial platform, warrior footprints, chief's quarters, and weapon storage rooms. The cave is spacious, measuring 170 meters in length, with a tall roof that includes dagger-like stalactites. Due to the cave's damp and dark conditions, the use of torches is necessary for a better view of the surroundings. Show more

What is the duration of the cave tour led by a guide?

A two-hour guided tour of Naihehe Cave is provided for visitors. To reach the cave, a jungle trail must be traveled on, followed by the exploration of the steep cave terrain. The visit covers a glimpse of the cannibal oven and other exclusive features of the cave. The cave environment is wet and potentially dangerous, so proper footwear and a good level of fitness are essential for visitors. Show more

Is it necessary for visitors to have permission before entering the cave?

It is extremely important to gain permission from the bete (priest) of the village before entering Naihehe Cave. It is an essential aspect of Fijian culture as the cave is considered sacred by the local community. Majority of the tour operators include the permission ritual as part of the tour. Upon not having the permission, it is believed that visitors might not be able to leave the cave. Show more

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