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Best time to visit Texas


Escape the summer heat in one of these stunning caves. Beware of the bats and be ready to explore something new with every step


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Around 9,000 Texas caves, caverns, and sinkholes amaze with their oddness and beauty. Over 103 caves are longer than 270 metres, and Honey Creek, which is still being explored, is the longest one with a length of 32 km. Powell’s Cave System, a complex of three caves in Menard County, is over 20 km long. Sorcerer’s Cave in Terrell County is the deepest cave with the depth of 170 metres.

Around 100 million Mexican free-tail bats live in two dozen Texas caves. Natural Bridge is a cave with special caving options and fabulous large rooms. Wonder World Cave was formed by an earthquake, thus, it doesn't have open rooms.

In the Inner Space Cavern, several amazing fossils were found, and the cavern itself is impressive. Cascade is one more excellent cave to visit. A large part of this cave was once under water. It is still active, so you should be very careful while stepping and touching anything. Cave Without A Name is called so because of a student who said it is too pretty to have a name. Caverns of Sonora, with its beautiful formations and scenes, ​creates a truly magical atmosphere. Time to get exploring and find a co​ol cave in Texas!

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