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Caving in Belgium 2024

Belgium boasts several cave systems and underground waterways

Best time: April–October (all year round)


In Belgium, the Ardennes is the region where you can have a speleological experience. The majority of caves here are accessible for those who have no prior experience with cave exploration. These caves have spacious galleries decorated with impressive patterns of stalagmites and stalactites. As a rule, they are closed during the winter months as it might be too cold underground. But generally, the temperature in caves is around 10 °C or a bit higher.

The most famous caves in Belgium are the Caves of Remouchamps near Liege, which have been open to the public since 1912. These caves used to be a habitat for Paleolithic hunters and served as a shelter during WWII. This underground area is divided into two parts—one that can be explored by walking and the other requiring a boat trip. If you choose the boat option, you will pass the Rubicon—the longest uninterrupted underground river on Earth. The best time to go is from February to November. In December and January, they open only on the weekends and during school vacations, and operating hours are still shorter.

Another attraction for cave explorers is the Domain of the Caves of Han in the province of Namur. The most interesting part of the Domain is the Lorette-Rochefort Cave. The cave is extremely vertical and is 85m deep: you descend through a labyrinth of galleries and chambers to reach an impressive Chamber of the Sabbath (65m). Lorette-Rochefort Cave is open from early April to early November.

Caves of Hotton are located in the Ardennes between Durbuy and La Roche. The caves impress visitors with their giant galleries. They operate daily between April and October, and also on weekends or by appointment in November and March. During Christmas Carnaval, visitors are offered tours daily, but the caves are closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

There are also several less popular speleological spots in Belgium such as the Neptune Caves (the province of Namur), the Comblain Caves (the province of Liege), and La Merveilleuse Cave—one of the most beautiful grottoes in Belgium (not far from Dinant, Namur).

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What is the ideal time of year for caving in Belgium?

From April to October is the best time to visit Belgium for caving, due to winter closures. Inside caves, temperatures are around 10°C or higher. The Caves of Remouchamps and Caves of Hotton are open from February to November. Lorette-Rochefort Cave is open from early April to early November. Show more

What is unique about the Caves of Remouchamps and why are they notable?

The Caves of Remouchamps, located near Liege, are the most famous caves in Belgium. They feature the Rubicon, which is the longest uninterrupted underground river on earth. Visitors can take a boat trip on this river. The caves also have spacious galleries with impressive patterns of stalagmites and stalactites. They used to be a habitat for Paleolithic hunters and shelter during WWII. The caves offer walking and boat tours. Show more

What is the deepest cave in Belgium and what is its main attraction?

The Lorette-Rochefort Cave, which is in the province of Namur and located in the Domain of Caves of Han, is the deepest cave in Belgium. It has a depth of 85m and visitors can descend through a labyrinth of galleries and chambers. The main attraction of this cave is the Chamber of the Sabbath, which is 65m deep and a maze of underground paths. The best time to visit is from early April to early November, which is the caving season in Belgium. Show more

What are some of the lesser-known speleological spots in Belgium, and in which provinces are they located?

Neptune Caves in the province of Namur, Comblain Caves in the province of Liege, and La Merveilleuse Cave near Dinant, Namur are lesser-known but beautiful speleological spots in Belgium. Neptune Caves have vast lakes that appear greenish-blue and unusual rock formations. Comblain Caves features an underground river. La Merveilleuse Cave has various shapes, colors, and sound effects, boasting one of Belgium's most impressive grottoes. Show more

What is the temperature like within Belgium's caves and how can you book a tour in advance?

The temperature within caves in Belgium is usually around 10°C or higher, which is why the caves close during winter due to low temperatures. Booking a cave tour in advance is possible by visiting the official websites of each cave or going through a travel agency. During the high season, including Caves of Remouchamps, Caves of Han, and Caves of Hotton, they operate daily, whereas during off-peak season, they operate on weekends or by appointment. Rental guided tours including equipment and safety gear are available for hire. Show more

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