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Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra), Capri in Italy

This sea cave amazes with its mysterious blue waters

Best time: mid-March–October

Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra), Capri
Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra), Capri

The Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) is a well-known hotspot located on Capri island. This natural cavern is 60m long and 25m wide. The entrance to the cave looks like a small mouth and you must lay down on the wooden rowboat to get inside.

The sunlight passes through the underwater cave and glistens in the sea water, giving it a fantastic blue reflection!

Although the Blue Grotto may be visited all year round on condition the weather is mild, it's often closed to visitors between November and the beginning of March. This is because heavy rain and rough seas make this area too dangerous to reach. Therefore, the best season is mid-March to October. The high season begins in the summertime, with waiting times sometimes reaching more than one hour. The best time of the day to take in excellent views and the unbelievable intense colour of the water is early in the morning or at 2 pm when the light is much stronger. Don't forget that swimming is not allowed and even considered dangerous when visiting the Blue Grotto!

Practical info

What is the best time to visit the Blue Grotto on Capri island in Italy?

The Blue Grotto is best visited between March and October. Considering safety conditions, it remains closed between November and March, due to rough seas and heavy rain. During summer, the waiting time could exceed an hour. To fully appreciate the color blue of the clear and transparent water, it would be best to visit early in the morning or at 2 pm. Show more

How do you reach the Blue Grotto?

The Marina Grande is where you must take a boat to reach the Blue Grotto. You can join a common tour boat or board a private one. Once at the entrance, there is no dock, and the tourists must switch to a small rowboat or motorboat to enter the cave as the entrance of the cave looks like a small mouth and passengers have to lie down on the boat to pass through it. Show more

Can I visit the Blue Grotto during winter?

Although the Blue Grotto is indeed open all year round, it's wise to avoid November to March when significant rainfall and rough seas pose risks to the visitors' safety. Boats can't access the cave entrance when water levels are high. Hence, tourists preparing their winter visit should first verify that the place is accessible to the public. Show more

What is the signature feature of the blue waters inside the Blue Grotto?

There's no doubt that the Blue Grotto's primary attraction, which allures thousands of tourists every year, is the blue water inside it. Sunlight passing through the underwater cave reflects on the transparent water, giving it a blue hue and even a surreal glow. The reflection of light passing through the clean water seems like silver with various shades of blue. Show more

Can we swim in the Blue Grotto?

While many may find it tempting, swimming inside the Blue Grotto is prohibited due to potential safety issues one may face when inside. There are strict regulations protecting the unique features of the Blue Grotto, and visitors should follow the rules accordingly. No one is allowed to embark or disembark from the boat once inside the cave. Violations of these regulations may cause unforeseeable accidents and damage to the natural habitat of the cave. Show more

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