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Flea Markets in Italy

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Flea Markets
Flea Markets
Flea Markets
Flea Markets

There are different kinds of flea markets in Italy—antique markets, second-hand markets and Mercato delle pulci (flea markets in Italian). Imagine how many unusual things you could find there: shoes, clothes, toys, jewellery, furniture, and even food. The most popular flea markets are situated in Venice, Rome, Milan, Arezzo and Turin. It's an excellent chance for collectors to find things that can no longer be found anywhere else, such as antique books, magazines, newspapers and other fashionable old stuff.

The famous May Antiques Fair in Rome is held at the end of May and a flea market is held every Sunday in Via Tirso and Porta Portese.

While in Venice, don't miss the chance to visit Mercatino dell'Antiquariato, which happens only four times per year in April, June, in the middle of September and during Christmas holidays.

In Milan, you'll find the prominent Mercatone dell'Antiquariato (Antiques Market) on the canal of Naviglio Grande in Lombardy, which takes place on the last Sunday of every month, except in July and August.

In Tuscany, Arezzo city holds the Fiera Antiquaria di Arezzo which takes place every first weekend of the month. It's probably one of the most glorious markets in the country! It's an excellent opportunity to save your money and find some really memorable souvenirs from Italy.

Practical info

What can be found at Italian flea markets?

At Italian flea markets, customers can buy a wide range of items, from antique books, magazines, newspapers, and shoes to clothes, toys, jewellery, furniture, and food. These markets offer an outstanding opportunity for collectors to find rare and valuable items that are hard to come by elsewhere, making them a popular destination for bargain hunters. One of the biggest flea markets in Italy is the Fiera Antiquaria di Arezzo in Tuscany. Show more

Where are Italy's Mercato delle pulci located?

Italy's Mercato delle pulci (flea market) can be found across the country in popular cities like Venice, Rome, Milan, Arezzo, and Turin, among others. These markets attract tourists and collectors from all over the world who are looking for one-of-a-kind finds, such as antiques, vintage clothing, and accessories. It's advisable to check the schedules and locations before making the trip to ensure that the markets will be open during your visit. Show more

What information should a tourist know about the May Antiques Fair in Rome?

The May Antiques Fair is one of the most popular antique markets in Rome and takes place on Via Tirso and Porta Portese at the end of May. Visitors can expect to find many rare and fascinating items, such as antique books, magazines, furniture, and other collectibles. Arriving early could help avid collectors to beat the crowds and have a higher chance of finding some truly unique treasures on sale. Show more

Which Venice flea market takes place only a few times a year and when?

The Mercatino dell'Antiquariato is held four times per year in Venice, in April, June, the middle of September, and during the Christmas holidays. Vendors sell fantastic antique items like furniture, books, and clothing; however, customers should be aware that prices and availability can be inconsistent. Before visiting the market, it's worth checking the schedule and allowing enough time to search for the items you want. Show more

When and where can visitors find the Mercatone dell'Antiquariato in Milan?

The Mercatone dell'Antiquariato is situated in the Lombardy region of Milan, along the canal of Naviglio Grande. The market is held on the last Sunday of each month, except for July and August. It is one of the largest antique markets in Milan and is known for its unique vintage fashion accessories, tools, and coins. Visitors are advised to arrive early to explore the plethora of antiques on offer at this popular market. Show more

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