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Flea Markets in Copenhagen

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Best time: mid-April–late October

Flea Markets
Flea Markets
Flea Markets

We believe that flea markets are an essential part of city traveling. Visiting a flea market gives you that feeling as if you're a local and just looking for a little something for your new apartment around the corner.

During the spring and summer season, the open-air flea markets flourish in Copenhagen. There you might find anything from overlooked antiquities, old jewelry, crockery, vintage Copenhagen porcelain sculptures, vinyl records to famous Danish designed chairs.

Some of the markets that pop up during the warm season are Loppemarked På Carlsberg, Remisen, Nørrebrogade, and Ravnsborggade where the goods are usually a little cheaper than at the famous Thorvaldsen Antique Market in central Copenhagen. Usually, it's better to arrive early for a better deal. The markets tend to be crowded. They usually take place on weekends, some of them only once a month, so check the exact dates and opening hours before heading there.

Practical info

What flea markets should I visit in Copenhagen?

If you're in Copenhagen and looking for some flea markets to visit, then Loppemarked På Carlsberg, Remisen, Nørrebrogade, and Ravnsborggade are only some of the markets that you can head to. These open-air markets are usually in operation between mid-April to late October, so timing is essential if you want to catch some of the bargains. Besides the usual antiques and trinkets, you might find a few Danish-designed chairs for sale as well. Show more

When are the flea markets in Copenhagen open for visitors?

Visitors to flea markets in Copenhagen can expect the markets to open during the spring and summer seasons, falling between mid-April to late October. It's best to check for the operating dates of the market you plan to visit. Keep in mind that the open-air markets tend to be more crowded when the weather is warm and on weekends during the day. Arriving early in the morning would be a good idea to start the day with the best selection of goods. Show more

Can we find Danish-designed chairs in flea markets?

If you are looking for Danish-designed chairs while scouring the flea markets of Copenhagen, then you might find some in Loppemarked På Carlsberg, Remisen, Nørrebrogade, or Ravnsborggade. This group of markets is open during the spring and summer seasons, between mid-April to late October. You might negotiate the price with sellers focusing on vintage furniture. As usual, remember that early birds may catch the best deal. Show more

What kind of things can we purchase in Copenhagen's flea markets?

Copenhagen's flea markets usually offer a selection of second-hand items such as antiques, jewelry, porcelain sculptures, vinyl records, and Danish-designed chairs. Some markets might also have clothes, books, toys, and handmade items. Keep in mind that treasures could be small items rather than luxurious goods. If you're looking to buy something, be patient and expect to haggle a bit with the sellers. Don't forget to carry cash with you as you might not get the chance to use cards. Show more

What are some tips for shopping at flea markets in Copenhagen?

Flea markets in Copenhagen can be incredibly crowded, and you might find yourself jostling with other shoppers if you plan to visit. Arriving early will be a good idea to escape the crowd and have first dibs on the best items. Do negotiate with the sellers, but keep in mind the actual worth of the product and avoid being aggressive with haggling. Also, carry cash with you as not all sellers accept electronic or card payments. Show more

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