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Anjuna Flea Market

Your Indian adventure can't be complete without a visit to a flea market


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Indulge your curiosity at the flea market in Anjuna. Being one of the most popular places to visit in Goa for ages, this market draws tons of tourists from all over the world. Get ready to find thousands of local goods in all sorts of bright and colorful varieties. Once this place was a hippy market, but nowadays you can find anything you want. Sellers come here from all over India and bring sculptures, jewelery, t-shirts, colourful saris, bags, bedspreads, sacks of spices, etc.

The local tribal women and girls are worth seeing and talking to too—you'll find lots of unique cultures from various regions. Here you can also find several cafes and restaurants with live music. Services such as tattoos, piercings, and other similar things can also be found here.

This market is seasonal and usually runs every Wednesday from October till March or April. The best time to visit it is early morning or late afternoon to avoid crowds. Prepare to negotiate, as it is very common in India.

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