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Saturday Night Market in Arpora, Goa 2024-2025

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Best time: December–April

Saturday Night Market in Arpora
Saturday Night Market in Arpora
Saturday Night Market in Arpora

This bright and loud Saturday night market attracts thousands of tourists to Arpora every year during the winter season, opening before the New Year and closing by the end of April. This is a place where you can find all sorts of local goods and have fun bargaining. You can even find different herbs and spices, crafts, bags, accessories, jewelry, vintage items, rugs, and much more. There are also all kinds of clothes, from Desigual to Sari dresses, household accessories as well as authentic food. Goa's restaurants have stalls at the market, serving food from all over the world.

Shopping at night is very pleasant because of the weather at this time. This market spreads out on a huge hill-like territory with numerous stalls. It has lots of entries and exits, though the alleys are quite narrow. It is easy to get lost here, so do be careful. Usually, there is a stage set up at the central field, so it is not just shopping but also entertainment with live music concerts and cocktail bars. Saturday Night Bazaar at Arpora can be a great weekend activity for you. The stalls open after 4 pm and the fun runs until midnight.

Practical info

What is the opening timeframe for Arpora's Saturday Night Market?

The Saturday Night Market in Arpora is open every Saturday from 4 pm until midnight, and it runs from the start of the winter months until the end of April. This means it operates for several months each year just before the New Year festival. Show more

What can I expect to see sold at the market?

Arpora's Saturday Night Market is a vibrant local market with a diverse range of items on sale, including spice, herbs, vintage goods, artisan crafts, clothing, accessories, rugs and household accessories, and authentic foods. The clothing ranges from traditional Indian clothing to foreign fashion brands like Desigual. Show more

Which stalls sell the most authentic ethnic cuisine at the market?

Goa restaurants have a presence at the Saturday Night Market, and these businesses offer a wide range of authentic ethnic cuisines such as Greek, Lebanese, or Arabic food. Indian street food vendors selling chaats and kebabs are also popular and authentic options. Show more

When is the best time to visit Arpora's Saturday Night Market for weather considerations?

Visitors to Arpora's Saturday Night Market will experience the most moderate and comfortable weather between December and April. These months offer warm days and cooler nights, highlighting the unique attributes of this seasonal market and its surroundings. A visit at this time ensures the best possible night out for tourists and locals alike. Show more

What types of entertainment options are there at the market?

In addition to the vendors and shopping choices, the Saturday Night Market in Arpora also provides live music concerts, cocktail bars, and a central field that accommodates a stage for local and international artists. This kind of entertainment adds to the vibrant atmosphere of the market, making it an ideal location for spending time with friends and family. Show more

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