Best time to visit Seoul

Seoul Summer Sale 2024

Don't get tricked into thinking that this is just an ordinary summer sale, Seoul offers a really special month for the shopaholics

Best time: July

Seoul Summer Sale

If you happen to come to Seoul sometime in July, don't forget to get your welcome kit with discount coupons and information leaflets at the Incheon International Airport. These coupons are completely free of charge and give you a lot of opportunities to join the events, amusement parks, restaurant dinings, and other entertainment, apart from the marvelous shopping itself! Many Seoul department stores, shopping malls, cosmetic shops, supermarkets, duty-free shops are here for your attention. So it is a great idea to join Koreans and enjoy a wide range of discounts and bargains regarding shopping, food & beverages, entertainment, medical services, etc.

Around 1,180 shops and 240 businesses usually participate in the Seoul Summer Sale. Dongwha Duty-Free, Duta Mall, The Face Shop, JUMP, Dynamic Maze, N Seoul Tower, Korea Homestay, Hyundai Department store, and many more are among the participants as well. Just show the coupon on your device to receive your remarkable benefits in the capital city.

International tourists can also do their shopping online via the official website and social media services. Just think about it, the whole month of extraordinary discounts!

Practical info

When does the Seoul Summer Sale take place annually?

Held every year in July, the Seoul Summer Sale features month-long discounts and bargains at a variety of retailers and service providers throughout the city. Show more

Where can I obtain discount coupons and a welcome kit during the Seoul Summer Sale?

Discount coupons and informative leaflets for the Seoul Summer Sale can be obtained free of charge from Incheon International Airport. These vouchers grant discounts for diverse services and attractions, including restaurants, amusement parks, medical services, cosmetic retailers, supermarkets, and other duty-free shops and stores. Show more

What kind of discounts are there to be found during the Seoul Summer Sale?

During the Seoul Summer Sale, shoppers can find significant discounts and bargains on a wide range of products and services, from supermarkets and cosmetic shops to department stores and duty-free outlets. Apart from shopping experiences, various tourist spots like Dynamic Maze, N Seoul Tower, and JUMP also offer discounts. The Seoul Summer Sale provides many opportunities to save big on all your shopping and entertainment needs within Seoul. Show more

Is the Seoul Summer Sale limited to specific groups of people?

There are no restrictions on participation in the Seoul Summer Sale; anyone can join the event and enjoy the many discounts and bargains available at many retailers and entertainment providers throughout Seoul. Visitors can collect their welcome kits with coupons, or connect through the official website and social media channels to enjoy the sale's promotions. Show more

Can tourists who visit Seoul take part in the Summer Sale promotions?

International tourists can join the Seoul Summer Sale events, even those unable to visit Seoul in-person. Through online platforms such as the official website and social media, international shoppers can purchase goods and obtain discounts on Seoul's products and services, just as local shoppers can. Participating in these promotions can help visitors save big, even if they are not in Seoul. Show more

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