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Lunar Faire 2022

A witchy and weird bi-monthly night market appearing on new and full moons


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Lunar Faire is one of the coolest shopping experiences in New Jersey. It's a night market and social event, which is about everything witchy and strange. The event is held twice a month, on new and full moons, when all the weird and magical things are supposed to happen. Lunar Faire originated in North Jersey and has changed several venues across the state, like Sussex County Fairgrounds in Augusta or Readington River Buffalo Farm in Flemington.

Lunar Faire is an impressive pop-up market with a magical ambiance, celebrating everything artistic and unusual. It's an exciting adventure full of curious crafts, artistic performances, esoteric arts, intuitive services, and much more! The market features the Potions Lab, fire dancing, mediums, fortune-telling, drumming sessions, mermaid encounter, and a crystal charging station.

One of the highlights of the Faire is the Merry Meet, which is meant to help participants in finding like-minded people. Everyone can drop their name in the Connection Cauldron at the Merry Meet booth, and a mystical receptacle is bewitched to assign Best Faire Friends to each other. People can connect at the Faire or after!

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